Thursday, September 21, 2006

Apples & Eggs

Merry Meet! Happy Mabon to all! This is how my Mabon day started:

Beautiful, huh? Too bad I was on my way to work. And this:

Sorry about the little black dot in the middle of the sun. I didn't put that there intentionally, it just showed up. On my way home from work, I stopped and got a bottle of apple wine for my rituals. When I got home, I started by giving the feline population of the house baths. Most people are horrified by this thought. Giving a cat a bath? Welp, mine are used to it. They get atleast 2 a year. And since they were messy kittens, I had to bathe then regularly, they are used to it and don't fight, much. They don't claw me, they just try to grip the side of the bath tub. They have learned that resistance is futile. So, without futher ado, here are my very pi$$ed off kitties:

First up is Mr. Vinny. He is a goofy Siamese mix that is just a little over a year old. He came to live with us because I couldn't stand to see such cuteness die. He has since attached himself to Katie.

Next we have Miss Moonie (short for Anksunamun - named after the evil villianess in the Mummy movies). I got her from Amy's mom. She was the only black kitten in the litter, and I have such affection for black cats. I am the only person she loves, she tolerates the rest of the human race, but only when she feels like it. She is just over 5 years old. I got her when Annie was just 4 months old. And there must be a connection there, because Moonie has let Annie pick her up and haul her around in some very awkward postions since Annie was able to pick her up. And moving on.

When I was done with bath time, I cleaned up and went into the kitchen to bake an apple cake. Amy had this cake mix from Simply Tasteful (one of those home party things - like I'm one to talk, I used to sell Party Lite and Tupperware). It was called Nana's Apple Cake Mix : Just add apples and eggs. That's it? There has to be more. Right? Nope. Just apples & eggs. And boy did it come out great. Here is a pic of the cake:

Here is the ritual pic:

It's a little dark, but I like the effect. And yes, the ritual wine is in a margarita glass. That's because my vindictive familiar (Miss Moonie) broke the only wine glass I had unpacked. I'll need to either unpack another, or by one before Samhaim. After this, I went out to the front yard to freak out the neighbors again - Sorry - I meant, sprinkle the offerings of cake and wine in the yard. After I was done, Amy pointed out that I had another witness, besides her. There was someone walking down the sidewalk on the other side of the street. The story he'll have to tell at school tomorrow.

So, here's hopeing your Mabon was pleasant. Goddess Bless!