Monday, July 09, 2007

Ok, Blogger won't let me add a title. That's new. But, that's blogger. Any, I thought I'd be a theif today, because I swiped the following from Manic Witch:

Your Name: Miss Tonia

1. Famous Singer/Band: Metallica

2. 4 letter word: shit

3. Street: Princeton

4. Color: Red

5. Gifts/Presents: Made by hand, with love

6. Vehicle: Mini Cooper

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: shot glasses

8. Boy Name: Nathaneil

9. Girl Name: Mahala

10. Movie Title: Practical Magic

11. Drink: Margarita

12. Occupation: customer service

13. Celebrity: Orlando Bllom

14. Magazine: Interweave Knits

15. U.S. City: Salem, Mass

16. Pro Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: a Mc Griddle

19. Something You Throw Away: (i don't really like to throw anything away, would rather recycle)

20. Things You Shout: Fucker!

21. Cartoon Character: Hong Kong Fooy

Tag! You’re it!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Full Moon Saturday, Henna Sunday & Pic Spam Monday

Since Saturday was a full moon, it was the perfect time to start making my Full Moon Cornbread.
And what goes better with cornbread, than a big ol' pot of beans, pinto beans. Here is a pic of the cornbread, hot out of the oven:

Here is the pot of beans:

For the beans, I just used a medium size bag of pinto beans, boiled till they softened, added 1 ham hock and salt & pepper to taste. Some people add all kinds of things to their beans, but I love them simple. The only thing I was missing was some fresh green beans with a little bacon, salt and pepper cooked into them. And here is a pic of the cornbread cut, so you can see how it looks inside, since I use white cornmeal.

Now for Henna Sunday. Every summer, we love to paint ourselves with henna. We decided that yesterday was the perfect day for it. I packed up Annie, Katie went to her dad's, and headed off to Miss PJ's, with henna basket over my arm, sorta like Little Red Riding Hood. I took the left over beans and cornbread, and PJ made fried potatoes. Yum! Then, we got down to business. The first pic is of a Celtic Heart design. The arms belong to Katie, PJ and me:

Next up is my favorite for my left calf, crescent moon with clouds and stars.

Here, we have the design that we always have on our feet:

On my right calf is a Tibetan fireball (yes, I am that pale):

Up next is the sun design that PJ favors, and this time I added a Triple Goddess symbol to the center:

And last, but not least is the cherry blossom on PJ's palm.

We did several more that I don't have pictured, some of which was a small kitty on Annie's arm, Chinese characters on my left arm, and the same moon on Katie's leg, the only difference from mine is that she didn't want the clouds filled in.

I've added a few new recipes to my recipe page, go have a peek.