Table Blessings

There have been times when our group has sat down to a Sabbat meal and have wanted to say a prayer, blessing, or give thanks to the Deities for bounty on our table, but just didn't know what to say. Granted, a blessing from the heart can be just a good as one written by someone else, but there are times when words can fail to express what we feel. So, I have found a few to help with that.

Option #1

A blessing on food and fed,
Earth and sun. All are one.
A blessing on your power.
Bless fire and food and maker
Bless seed and plant and baker.
Nourish us deeply,
Change us completely,
Teach us to nourish each other

Option #2
Great Spirit,
We thank you for the gift of this food.
We send blessings of peace, love, and release to all whose bodies and
energies brought us this nourishment.
We honor you in our enjoyment and utilization of this meal.
May it bring us health and joy, reminding us of our interconnection
with all that is.
As we receive, so do we give thanks for this gift.

Option #3 (ideal for small children, as it short, simple and to the point)

Thank you, Great Spirit
Thank you, chicken and peas and milk (or other food items)
Thank you, Mother Earth
We love this food.

Option #4

Blessed be the God of the vine,
Blessed be the Goddess divine;
Bless all those who come now to dine,
And drink deeply of the sacred wine.

Harvest Blessings and Prayers

Harvest Blessing
Blessings and thanks to the Earth from which this
food comes.
Blessing and thanks to the plants and animals from
which it is formed.
Blessings and thanks to the people who brought it
forth and prepared it for us today.
And blessings and thanks to that One,
Infinite, Mysterious,
lying behind it all and giving it and us our being.

Harvest Prayer

We thank the Lord and Lady for their blessings at this harvest time of year,
We ask you the bless this food and this family with success, love and cheer.

General Mealtime Prayer

We now give thanks for this food that was prepared with grace and love,
Lord and Lady, bless this house and watch over of us from above.

Sabbat Prayer
On this night of the Autumn Equinox may the old ones gather around.
Good will and love is encircled here, no negativity can be found.
Bring peace and equilibrium to all our lives and bless this fine meal, we pray,
As we celebrate the beginning of fall and the balance of night and day.

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