Saturday, April 29, 2006

Weekend Laziness

I have spent most of the day on the couch, knitting and downloading music. I did get out in the front yard for a short while and planted a few starter flowers that I had. Not sure what they were, as I forgot to mark them. Oops!

Last night, I thought I would change the template on my knitting blog. That'll teach me for thinking. I forgot to save the current template, and screwed it all up. I did fix it for the most part, and I looks pretty nice, but I ended up going with the the black template like this one. I do have a few photos that I posted on there today, one of my recently finished socks, and one of Mr. Vinny, sleeping with his tongue out. Check it out.

Beltaine is on Monday, and we are having a potluck at work on Tuesday. They aren't connected, we just haven't had a potluck in a long time. So, it's up to me to make some coleslaw and maybe a caramel apple crostata. Yum! But, we are going to try to do the Beltaine picnic next Saturday, when everyone will be in town (mainly Miss Tammi). We'll be doing this one potluck style. I still need to pick a place, be someone's back yard or a park, and a time. There's not many of us for this one, so it doesn't really matter. And, I do need to call everyone and remind them. Hey, maybe my new Sabbat entertaining book will come in handy for this. :)

Also, on Saturday May 20th, Miss Rachel is hosting a cleansing ritual at Blendon Park, here in Columbus. I think it's something we all need, as she has pointed out, this year has sucked so far. So, if you are in Columbus or the surrounding area, feel free to join us. This is a family oriented event, and is a picnic, so please bring your own food and refreshments. I will post the time as soon as she let's me know. We will be doing a short ritual (about 3 to 4 minutes) then the picnic will commence. If you need directions, or would like to know any other info, please leave me a comment, and I will respond to you as quickly as I can.

Blessed Be!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just another Wednesday!

If you'll notice on the sidebar, I found the Candy Bar doll maker, and the link is just below it. So, last night, I didn't knit, and Katie and I sat around and played with the doll maker. Here is one that she designed:

Then, being big Harry Potter fans, we found this one:

Then, I couldn't resist this one:

And this one:

One more! I promise it's the last one:

That thing kept us busy for atleast an hour.

During the time that we were playing with this, Miss Tammi's daughter called me. It seems that she is having very disturbing dreams lately. Dreams of a close friend that commited suicide last year. From what she has been telling me, it seems as if he has been trying to communicate with her, but it's freaking her out, and it's only been since they have moved into their new house. I told her to carry my cell # with her everywhere, and call me no matter what time of day or night it was. So, I'm going to call her tonight to check on her, because she was pretty shaken up last night.

On a lighter note, if you'd like to see what my cats have been up to, please visit my knitting blog. I hope you find it as funny as I did.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Kitty Love and Books

Well, today, I pulled my back out while doing some yard work with Miss Amy. You can read all about it here. And my loving cats have shown me support, from Moonie laying on the floor with me while I tried to stretch my back out, to Vinny, who is sleeping at my feet right this minute, as I lay in bed writing this post.

Shortly after starting the yard work, the mail man came by and had a box for me. My books from I was very excited. And the mailman remarked that we got a lot of boxes. What, with the e-bay orders, Knit Picks orders, and orders, he said that we make sure that he does gets out of his truck and get a little exercise every now and then. Nice guy. I'll have to see about giving him some cookies this Yule. And, here is the obligatory pic of said books:

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ok, I don't know how it's possible, but after ripping out my jeans on Tuesday, when I went into work yesterday for my half day (as I was on call last weekend), I stepped up on to the freight scales, I was 5 pounds lighter than the day before. Now, how can that be? I know it the belly dance workout that I did on Tuesday night did not cause me to lose 5 pounds over night. But, it's encouraging. So, I am back to my work outs, cutting back on my portions of food, no pop, only water, tea and milk type of routine. Last time I did this, I lost about 50 pounds in 4 months. Here's to hopeing it works again.

A short while ago, I was coming out of the kitchen from getting the girlies some strawberry ice cream, and this is what I saw:

Aren't they cute? They haven't sat together like this in a long time. That's Moonie and Vinny. Moonie is my black cat, my familiar, and Vinny is my pain in the arse. Even now, Moonie is in the window enjoying the spring air.

The other day I found a site for pagan children that I fell in love with. Most of you probably already now about it, but it's Elsie and Pooka. I just love the coloring pages. I printed off some for the girls earlier, as I took the day off (and no, I didn't play hookie, I asked for it off) to spend with the girls, as Katie is on spring break this week. I thought that Annie would be the one to want to color them right away, since she 5. But no, she was more interested in Sponge Bob. Katie on the other hand, who is 11, jumped right in and did every one that I printed off for her, right away. But, right now Annie is sitting at the kitchen table with mommy's crayons. Maybe later I'll scan the master pieces and post them. I like the pages so much, I may even color a few.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You know you're fat when.......

It sounds like a set up for a punch line, huh? Well, here's the punch line: I ripped out my jeans at work. I was dropping down under the counter to plug in my lap top and *riiiip*. I had to go to the restroom to see the extent on the damage. I ripped out the whole right side of the ass, next to the pocket. Granted the jeans were on the old side, but if I hadn't gained around 45 pounds since last August, then it wouldn't have happened. I have been meaning to get back into my exercise routine, well I have no choice now, do I? I have only 2 pairs of jeans that still fit me, and about 10 pairs that I need to slim back down to get into. Please send positive thoughts and engery my way as I start to sweat my ass off working out, and praying to the Goddess to help me lose it quickly. And, I can't believe I am about to admit this, but I am 5'5", small bones, and should weight around 135 to 140. At that weight I would look beyond fab. At about 145 to 150, I'd just be fab. At 155 to 160, looking good. 165 t0 170, pushing it. 175 to 180, girlfriend back away from the cookies. 185 to 190, a little pudgy. 195, I jarred the scales. And anything over that, I broke the scales. Well, I broke the scales. The only thing is, once I realize how much I weigh, I get depressed, and on come the cravings and excuses of "I'll work it off tomorrow." Then, "tomorrow" comes, and it's the same excuses. And it doesn't help that I am stuck behind a desk all day, when it didn't used to be that way. We used to be busy enough that I could get away from my desk to get out on the dock at least once a day and help move boxes. Now we are so slow that all I can do is stare at a computer screen, and it's the internet at that. I guess it's back to the strick diet, no pop and candy, back to the belly dance workout and the Core Secrets ball workout. I just need motivation.

Anyway, those of you who visit me on a regular basis will notice that I have finaly done something with my side bar. Doesn't it look pretty?

Monday, April 17, 2006

1, 2, 3 Strikes....

I'm out! I just can't seem to get myself together with the ritual fasting. My will just seems to be too weak of late.

We did have a good holiday weekend. I went to Miss Tammi's for Easter, my mom wasn't too happy with me, but hey, she didn't speak up soon enough. And for the dinner I made 4 loaves of breaded egg bread, 2 loaves of braided honey whole wheat bread, 1 large and 1 small Hiawiian sweet potatoe casseroles, and 2 caramel apple crostas. Everything was a big hit, as I made it home with only the small casserole and 1 loaf of egg bread. If anyone is interested in the recipes I used, you can e-mail me at tonia underscore u at hotmail dot com, and I will be more than happy to share.

Oh, and I won the drawal of the hat for a set of my boss' season hockey tickets. Saturday night, I took Tammi's daughter, Jessi with me and we went to see the Columbus Blue Jackets play the Chicago Black Hawks. We won 5 to 2, and the Black Hawks only scored when Jessi and I went to get some pop and hot dogs. Here are a few pics that I took that night:

Here's our mascot Stinger just before the game.

And here is pic of #27 - Manny Malhotra, he reminds me of a very skinny Vin Diesel.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another Wednesday!

Ok, fasting just didn't work today. I had decided that I was going to Barnes & Nobles again for lunch. Then I started to get light headed and needed to eat. And the only thing over in that direction that I really like is, of course, Chipotle. So, I blew that today, and feel as yucky as ever. What I normally do when I ritual fast is fast from sun up to sun down, and I usually try to get up before sunrise to eat something light. I over slept this morning. But, I am only human (although some would not agree with that) and I will try again tomorrow.

Anyway, at Barnes & Noble, I bought a natural healing book by Mark Evans. I also bought Cerulean Sins and Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. Hamilton. Then I spotted Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison. The cover caught my eye, and the blurb on the back sucked me in. And I think for the first time, I got the first book in a series instead of one in the middle. I'll let you know how it is when I'm done.

I didn't get to do my meditation, but I did get my facial done last night. Let's see what I can accomplish tonight!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Feeling Yuck!

I have noticed that for the past several days that I have been feeling just.... yuck! I feel like I have eaten too much, when I haven't eaten at all. But I eat anyway, and nothing that has really been too good for me. Today it was Mc D's, and yesterday Chipotle's. The Mc D's was just too greasy and salty. And the Chipotle's, well, that was just way too much, as for some reason when I eat it, it turns off the switch to my brain that let's me know that I am full, then it settles like a rock about 15 minutes later, and I'm miserable for the next 4 hours. I haven't been exercising. I need to give myself a good facial. And I'm in bad need of some cleansing and meditation. Not to mention that I have just been in a very evil mood today. On the way to work with Miss Amy, I offered to get out at a light and teach the lady in front of us how to drive. Well..... It looked like she needed a lesson, as she couldn't keep her mini van on the freeway. Then, here at work, I overheard Mr. C telling a story that involved the words, "and I was drunk," and I really had to bite my tongue and shut the door to the dock before I blurted, "When aren't you drunk?" (ok, a little back history - I dated Mr. C for about a year and a half, we broke up almost a year and a hald ago, and yes, I know it's never a good idea to date someone you work with.) But, I think my level of evilness stems from the problems I had last night with the makers of the wireless router I bought. I don't want to open that can of worms again, bit let me say that it was the worst customer service I have ever had, ever!

And so, on that note, I did pamper myself today. I ran out of my favorite lip balm, so we went to Bath & Body at lunch so I could get a new one. And I found a sample pack of body butters that I couldn't pass up. There was Brazil Nut, Pumkin, Lychee, Black Currant and Aloe. They are at least a good couple of ounces each, and the pack was $24.00, a really good deal, as they are half of the full size jars that are $12.00 each. And when we got back from lunch, I went on to and bought a book that I could find at Barnes & Noble during lunch. I got Sabbat Entertaining by Willow Polson. Then I noticed that if I had purchases totaling $25.00, then I could get free shipping. Well, I love free shipping, so I also bought the 2006 Witches' Datebook (as I still hadn't got one - I know, kinda late in the year) and Cakes and Ale For The Pagan Soul by Patricia Telesco.

I was going to go to the grocery store tonight, but I think I'll meditate instead, if I can get all the kids to play outside. And I think I'll try a ritual sun up to sun down fasting to let this general yuckiness run it's course. I mean I really feel horrid. So, any good thoughts and energy would be very helpful right now.

Have a Blessed evening!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Signs of Spring

Last week, Annie and planted starter seeds. She asked me everyday when the flowers were going to grow, in true 5 year old fashion. Last Friday, Miss Amy called me when I was on my way home and told me that our seeds had sprouted in their little greenhouse, so I could show Annie when we got home. And here is what we saw:

And last night, I found the first dandelion of the season:

And here is my favorite plum tree:

You can just barely see that it is sprouting leaves. This tree is at my mom's, and it is my favorite plum tree because it produces such nice Japanese Table Plums, that my mom turns into such great home made wine. I have the very last bottle from her 2004 batch, and I'm hording it! It's that good! So, maybe the Goddess will bless us with another good crop this year, as last year was the off season for it.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring Feelings

I have started feeling the pull of Spring. And I think I'll take the girls for a little picnic this weekend. This way we can get some fresh air, and celebrate the return of warm weather. Miss Tammi is in town this weekend, and maybe Miss PJ will want to go. We'll have a lot of fun either way.

I have decided to set the group Beltaine party for the weekend of May 6-7. That's a weekend that Tammi is in, and we may have to adjust a little of PJ does little B's birthday party that weekend. Now, that I have made my mind up on that one, I can start to plan. I'll need to find where we want to have it, and what the menu will be, and who will bring what dish. Maybe Miss Rachel will feel well enough to join us. I would love it she does, and it would do her some good.

Blessed be!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mundane Monday

Well, over the weekend, I went through all the boxes in my room. I made up my mind on what was to be unpacked, and was to be packed up for later use. There are only 5 boxes in my room, 4 that need sorted, and 1 with books that need to be put out on to shelves. And, I finally found all the boxes in the garage that have all my craft books in them, I just haven't brought them in. Now, I will be able to bring them on slowly and unpack them. Once that's done, I can cleanse the room.

On the holiday front, I haven't starte making any plans for Beltaine, yet. I need to check the calender and see what day will work for everyone. Then I can start planning menus, a place to hold it, and games and activities for the kiddies. So, we'll see!