Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Giving this a whirl

Merry Meet!

I seem to do really well at blogging on knitting, that I thought I'd give it a go on blogging on my pagan religion.

I am a kitchen witch of the Celtic flavor, from my athame, to my broom stick, cauldron, and black cat that hates the world, loves me and tolerates the rest of the household. I try to find ways to incorporate magic in my daily life, and not just dust it off for the Sabbats.

Speacking of Sabbats. Ostara is approaching, March 20th. And typically, we celebrate it on the weekend closer to the holiday. It's been awhile since we've been able to have a large celebration, Mabon was the last one that I remember. So, tonight I'll be calling to let everyone know. The only one I don't have to call is Miss Amy, now that we are room mates. Miss Tammi will be in Georgia this weekend. Miss PJ will probably not show, as has been her habit of late. And if Miss Rachel feels up to coming, she won't have any children with her, yet. I'll also need to go over a menu. Amy did say that she wants me to make chili this weekend, but I don't see how that's going to fit in. But, I'll let you know what I come up with.

Blessed Be!

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roccermom said...

Perhaps you have Cait Johnson's 'Witch in the Kitchen'? If not, it has some very nice Ostara recipes, meditations, poems, kitchen rituals ans a nice egg spell for incubating secret longings. And it's just a really fun book to read.