Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ok, I don't know how it's possible, but after ripping out my jeans on Tuesday, when I went into work yesterday for my half day (as I was on call last weekend), I stepped up on to the freight scales, I was 5 pounds lighter than the day before. Now, how can that be? I know it the belly dance workout that I did on Tuesday night did not cause me to lose 5 pounds over night. But, it's encouraging. So, I am back to my work outs, cutting back on my portions of food, no pop, only water, tea and milk type of routine. Last time I did this, I lost about 50 pounds in 4 months. Here's to hopeing it works again.

A short while ago, I was coming out of the kitchen from getting the girlies some strawberry ice cream, and this is what I saw:

Aren't they cute? They haven't sat together like this in a long time. That's Moonie and Vinny. Moonie is my black cat, my familiar, and Vinny is my pain in the arse. Even now, Moonie is in the window enjoying the spring air.

The other day I found a site for pagan children that I fell in love with. Most of you probably already now about it, but it's Elsie and Pooka. I just love the coloring pages. I printed off some for the girls earlier, as I took the day off (and no, I didn't play hookie, I asked for it off) to spend with the girls, as Katie is on spring break this week. I thought that Annie would be the one to want to color them right away, since she 5. But no, she was more interested in Sponge Bob. Katie on the other hand, who is 11, jumped right in and did every one that I printed off for her, right away. But, right now Annie is sitting at the kitchen table with mommy's crayons. Maybe later I'll scan the master pieces and post them. I like the pages so much, I may even color a few.

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Autumn said...

Oh your cats are beautiful. I love the window seat. I am planning on adopting a kitten in a few weeks and I had already told my hubby that we were going to buy a seat for it.