Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What a week!

Last week there was drama golore! I was in a car accident. Nothing too serious, but enough to be very upsetting. Here is what my poor little car looked like after impact:

But, I think the other person got the worst end of the deal. But considering that she turned left infront of me, she deserved it. Here is her vehicle looked like:

Not bad for a little Kia, huh? The cop that showed up didn't site her for causing the accident, leaving the scene of an accident (as she walked off and he had to go get her), or for not being able to show current proof of insurance. However, her own insurance company found her to be at fault, but for only 75%? WTF? Apparently, I'm responsible for 25% becuase I couldn't channel Miss Cleo from behind prison bars to see what she was about to do. All that happened last Wednesday, and by Friday I had to go to the doctor's because my shoulder swelled up where my seat belt jerked me back. But it was good thing I was wearing my seat belt, or I would've kissed the windshield. Ouch! So, I'm on anti-inflammitories, muscle relaxants, an exercise program and I have to return next week. I dropped my car off to the body shop yesterday morning, and they are supposed to have it until next Monday, but they told me that they would try to have it done by Friday.

But, my week has gotten better. Today, I got a card from Meow who is Austraila. Thanks, it comes at a time when I need some cheering up. Also, I won some wonderful yarn from a fellow knit blogger, and I never win anything. So things are looking up. Maybe the Goddess has decided to smile on me once again.

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