Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer Solstice!

And may it be a good one for you! Today, here at work, it seems to have flown by without me. I guess that's what I get for leaving my broom at home again. Hee hee! I won't be able to preform my ritual this evening, as we have a softball game. So, on the way home from the game, I'll stop off at the store to pick up the few items that I need, and prepare anything that needs to chill when I get home. Then, as I have taken the day off of work tomorrow and Monday, I'll have plenty of time to run my errands, make dinner, and do rituals after dark. I have decided that I will make the almond crescent cookies and some Litha Sun cookies, as well as a pasta dish with marina sauce, and some home made bread. So, tonight's shopping list will consist of lemons, wine, and what ever I need for my pasta dish, which I think I'll make stuffed shells. That may make a good representation off the fertile and pregnant Goddess. I'll figure it out by then, as I still want to look through my recipes.

Speaking of recipes. I did start a page for my favorite recipes, it is Ramblings & Recipes of a true Kitchen Witch. I have already added a couple of recipes to the page. Have peek, and keep checking back. You never know. You may find something you like.

I'll post tomorrow after I'm done. And after that, I'll be relaxing until about Tuesday, as my birthday is Saturday, and I want to do nothing but relax and see what Mr. S has in store for me, since he's keeping most of this weekend's events secret. Darn him!

Happy Solstice (again), and may the Goddess and God smile favorably on you and yours!

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