Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Long Time, No Post

(picks up laptop, dusts off blog, clears cobwebs out of the corners)


What a year this is shaping up to be. After my last post, we had an unfortunate run in with 5th disease. Annie brought it home from school, and I was lucky enough to catch it. After that, it all becomes a blur. It doesn't really seem like that much time has passed. But the short of the long is... I have started dating again. Or I should say, I was sorta forced to sign up for a dating service. But, something good came of it. I have met a man (Mr. S) that encourages me in anything my little heart desires to do. He understands and encourages me in my faith, and even makes sure that what ever he wants to do does not interrupt any rituals or observances. And better yet, he actually enjoys doing things with me and my children, like attending Katie's softballs games as his schedule permits.

And of late I have had horrible migraines, partly the side effect of medication and partly from stress. To counter the horrid pain that I have been going through, Mr. S has encouraged me to go back to meditation, rituals and chants, basically anything to relieve the stress portion. So, next week approached Midsummer and my birthday. There should be lots of celebrating going on. Well, at least next weekend. So, in the spirit of the up coming Soltice, I'll leave you with a little pagan humor, courtesy of Pagan Path:

You Know You're a Witch When...

1. Your BOS has spots on the pages from spilled brews.

2. When cleaning house you have to specify. "Where is the broom? No, not the broom, where is the one to clean the floor with?"

3. Candle wax has dripped on your keyboard.

4. There are more jars of strange smelling plants in your cupboards than there are cereal boxes.

5. Friends know they can always give you candles and incense as a gift.

6. When watching old re-runs of Bewitched, you find you side with Samantha's mother Endora.

7. When travelling, stranger and stranger strangers tell you their problems.

8. You find yourself making corn dollies in the checkout line at the grocery store (well, I thought about it).

9. You ask for Halloween off, because it's a religious holiday.

10. You start answering the phone with "Merry Meet".

Blessed Be!

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