Monday, December 07, 2015

A way late Samhain post

Wow! I am really late getting Samhain posted up. lol. There has been a lot going on in the past couple of months. But, I know have the Samhain page updated. Just in time, too. My Yule class is tomorrow night. Yikes! Nothing like the last minute, huh? But, the Samhain class was awesome. We had way more people show up. We even had a little one that attended with her mommy, but I guess I'm just not as popular with the wee ones as I used to be, since she fell asleep shortly after I started.

Luckily, everyone else stayed awake. lol. In this class, I made a pumpkin cornbread. It came out great, but I have decided that I am not making anymore cornbreads in my Nuwave oven, they just don't seem to cook completely. The center bottom always comes out just a little under cooked. But, here was my set up:

It was still a great class, despite the slightly under cooked cornbread. I even made sure to grab a gallon of apple cider to share. I just love doing these classes. I excited about tomorrow's class, but I'll get to that in a minute.

The day before Samhain, we had an open circle at the shop. As always, it was wonderful. We had a very large group, and the energy was great. We had several new people join us. Here is a peek at the altar we set up in the grassy area next to the shop:

Afterward, we gathered in the shop to sit around spend a little quality witchy time together. Here's a pic of me and Miss E, sitting and enjoying the company:

Left to right: Miss E and myself

On Samhain, I spent the better part of the day baking cookies and getting ready for the festivities that were planned. I made about 8 dozen Rune cookies (basic sugar cookies with Runes drawn on them):

I used the smallest, round cookie cutter I had, baked them up, and just a bit of glitter gel icing for the Runes. They were a hit. Later in the afternoon, we attended the closed circle at Miss L's house, and then headed back to Miss P's for our usual dinner and Midnight Margaritas. 

My personal altar looked great for Samhain. Here, have a peek:

I just had to watch for little Miss Onnie, as she would run off with a few of the flowers to play with.

Well, now that the wheel has turned, and we are starting into the winter season, I have changed up the altar, and decorated my broom that hangs on the wall behind it. Here it is:

I also got the Christmas tree up. My mom gave me her tree, as she says she's hit the "old lady" phase, and only wants a 2 foot tree. lol. This one is much smaller that the tree I normally put up. And, thank the Heavens, as it's saved a lot of space in my small great room. Here it is:

In the spirit of the season, I figured I would get the gifts I had wrapped and under the tree. Well, that just invited trouble, in the form of a little black cat:

It never fails. Where ever I am working, little Miss Onnie Moon must present herself to help. And by help, I mean batting things off the table, chewing on pens when you are trying to write, walking on wrapping paper as you're laying it, and other such fun things. But, I love her so much.

As for tomorrow's class, I will be doing things a little differently. And, that's only because of how many people already have their family favorite recipes for this time of year. I just want to suggest a few new ideas, and the in class demo will not involve any cooking. I will be making a cold dish. I will be baking cookies tonight, however, to share with everyone. So, let's see how it goes. If you are local to the Columbus and Grove City area, you can attend the class. There is a $5 fee to help cover supplies, but you get to take home lots of recipes, and a dry mix to try at home for yourself. Stop by at visit us at Blessed Be Spiritual Shop in Grove City, Ohio.

I wanted to announce that I now have an Etsy shop up and running. Currently, I only have a few things in there, but I will be posting up more toward the end of the week. Right now I have several styles of Pagan Prayer Beads/Witches' Ladders available, and the new postings will have several styles of pendulums. I also offer replacement pendulum chains that have semi-precious gemstone beads and alloy charms on them. You can find my shop under the name of RosieGypsy Designs. Stop by and have a peek, see if there is anything to your liking. Also, some of my items are sold at Blessed Be. You can stop by there and get some instant shopping gratification.

Well, off to get some things done. Hopefully, in the next few days, I will update the Yule page, and I will post photos from tomorrow night's class. Until next time..... Blessed Be!

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