Monday, April 03, 2006

Mundane Monday

Well, over the weekend, I went through all the boxes in my room. I made up my mind on what was to be unpacked, and was to be packed up for later use. There are only 5 boxes in my room, 4 that need sorted, and 1 with books that need to be put out on to shelves. And, I finally found all the boxes in the garage that have all my craft books in them, I just haven't brought them in. Now, I will be able to bring them on slowly and unpack them. Once that's done, I can cleanse the room.

On the holiday front, I haven't starte making any plans for Beltaine, yet. I need to check the calender and see what day will work for everyone. Then I can start planning menus, a place to hold it, and games and activities for the kiddies. So, we'll see!

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