Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring Feelings

I have started feeling the pull of Spring. And I think I'll take the girls for a little picnic this weekend. This way we can get some fresh air, and celebrate the return of warm weather. Miss Tammi is in town this weekend, and maybe Miss PJ will want to go. We'll have a lot of fun either way.

I have decided to set the group Beltaine party for the weekend of May 6-7. That's a weekend that Tammi is in, and we may have to adjust a little of PJ does little B's birthday party that weekend. Now, that I have made my mind up on that one, I can start to plan. I'll need to find where we want to have it, and what the menu will be, and who will bring what dish. Maybe Miss Rachel will feel well enough to join us. I would love it she does, and it would do her some good.

Blessed be!

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