Saturday, April 29, 2006

Weekend Laziness

I have spent most of the day on the couch, knitting and downloading music. I did get out in the front yard for a short while and planted a few starter flowers that I had. Not sure what they were, as I forgot to mark them. Oops!

Last night, I thought I would change the template on my knitting blog. That'll teach me for thinking. I forgot to save the current template, and screwed it all up. I did fix it for the most part, and I looks pretty nice, but I ended up going with the the black template like this one. I do have a few photos that I posted on there today, one of my recently finished socks, and one of Mr. Vinny, sleeping with his tongue out. Check it out.

Beltaine is on Monday, and we are having a potluck at work on Tuesday. They aren't connected, we just haven't had a potluck in a long time. So, it's up to me to make some coleslaw and maybe a caramel apple crostata. Yum! But, we are going to try to do the Beltaine picnic next Saturday, when everyone will be in town (mainly Miss Tammi). We'll be doing this one potluck style. I still need to pick a place, be someone's back yard or a park, and a time. There's not many of us for this one, so it doesn't really matter. And, I do need to call everyone and remind them. Hey, maybe my new Sabbat entertaining book will come in handy for this. :)

Also, on Saturday May 20th, Miss Rachel is hosting a cleansing ritual at Blendon Park, here in Columbus. I think it's something we all need, as she has pointed out, this year has sucked so far. So, if you are in Columbus or the surrounding area, feel free to join us. This is a family oriented event, and is a picnic, so please bring your own food and refreshments. I will post the time as soon as she let's me know. We will be doing a short ritual (about 3 to 4 minutes) then the picnic will commence. If you need directions, or would like to know any other info, please leave me a comment, and I will respond to you as quickly as I can.

Blessed Be!

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