Monday, May 15, 2006

Mom's Day

I had a good Mother's day with the girls. They got me a ceramic tea pot for my collection, and made me a hand made card, as well as getting a store bought one. They are such crafty little ones. They always love to make mommy pictures. So, I have a paper box for all of it. I think soon, I'll have to get another box. Other than that, I didn't leave the house all weekend. I did clean a little and made a quick dinner for us on Sunday. Even my furry kids gave me lots of love this weekend, both of them sleeping with me on Saturday night. Although, Miss Moonie must have called off all bets at midnight, as she was digging in my rubber tree at 2 a.m., and she knocked over my hot pink dyed geod. Being awakened at 2 o'dark-stupid, in a pitch black room with a loud thump doesn't do anything for the nerves.

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