Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rainy weather & bad news

Ok, so I don't mind the rainy weather so much. I do like it when it rains, it seems to wash everything clean, washing away the pollution.

As for the bad news. I talked to Miss Rachel yesterday, and she has cancelled the cleansing ritual for this weekend. But I don't blame her. She has been dealing with so much lately, with the new meds. She just doesn't have the time or drive to finish organizing it. And with them uping, lowering or switching her meds to try to make her normal, she doesn't seem to be the same person that I have known since the first day of high school. I also feel so helpless, cause there is nothing I can do for her. If she isn't sleeping, then she's depressed. My hands just feel so tied when it comes to that situation.

But, I do look forward to this weekend, as it's the weekend for the cook out, even though I'm on call. Oh well, when has that ever stopped me?

Maybe I'll get motivated to cleanse my room, now that it's clean.

Blessed be!

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