Monday, July 31, 2006

Life's Distractions

That title is an understatement. I have been caught up in all kinds of things lately. Last week I took a so-called vacation to get away from work. We really didn't do much, as I am really broke right now. We hung around the house and Miss Tammi's, watched movies, and went to the beach. I did have a small disappointment last week. I bought a couple of small henna packs, as I have had a great urge to "line up my freckles", as Miss Amy calls it. When I mixed the pack as directed, and I have been using the same brand for almost 6 years, it didn't come out right. I double checked the instructions, and finally set it aside. I later found the label that had the company's web site listed, and then the phone number. I called, and had to leave a message, but they called me right back. We went over what I did, and have found out that the instructions may have been faulty, as it should have been 2 teaspoons of water and not 2 tablespoons as it said. The lady I talked to took my address, and told me that she would be sending me 2 replacement packs for the 2 packs that came out wrong. How great is that? I can still have my henna fix, as soon as it arrives. I'll take pics and post them. I kinda regret not taking pics of some of the creation we have come up with in the past 6 years. Some of them were just fabulous. I've had the Celtic Tree of Life on my back, as big as a dinner plate, as well as several other great creations. As a matter of fact, the real tatoo that I have on my lower back was a henna stencil out of one of my books. I tried it out on my back in henna for several months before I made up my mind and let fade, to be done for real in ink. It helped me determine the size and the placing.

Anyway, tomorrow is Lughnasadh. The first harvest festival, and the festival of corn. If I can't get mom to make corn bread for dinner, I may just to come home and make a Full Moon corn bread for the occasion. I would also love to have some mead with it, but I haven't brewed any for several years. I may just to fix that. Nothing is better for rituals than a a good honey mead, flavored with leamons and/or oranges.

Blessed Be!

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