Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Lughnasadh!

Today was a trying day, for mundane things, anyway. Besides the heat being unbearable, everyone just seemed to aggraviate me. But, anywho.

Happy First Harvest! I forgot to ask mom to make corn bread, and I didn't make Full Moon corn bread. I did make some corn cake, though. I had to run to the store for few final ingrediants and a bottle of wine, but I did celebrate a holiday in a somewhat proper way. See:

There is my corn cake, a piece each for the Goddess and God, a glass of wine and my lit candle. After saying my incantation over them, I took a pinch of each piece of corn cake and the glass of wine out to the front yard to make my offerings. Let's see if the neighbors complain about the batty girls next door. Especially after the "trying to take a picture of the full moon over the neighbors house across the street" episode.Yeah, that was interesting. We actually heard him lock his screen door to keep us wierdos out. Hee hee! But with Miss Amy's girls living with us, I forgot what it was like to have to explain what I was doing and why. My girls just know, because it's the way it's always been. But her girls are catching on. When I mentioned Mabon for next month, Renae asked what that was, and when I asked her if she remembered the picnic in the park last year, she got very excited. I love sharing these kinds of things with all the girls. Annie actually begs me to let go on the Gingerbread Grandma's site to play. I think it's great. We get to read the stories together, pick out recipes, and activities to do.

I had an idea. (Look out world!) If anyone still reads this (I hope someone does), I was wondering if anyone would like to join a Yule/Solstice exchange. Just a something to let everyone exchange a seasonal or ritual item, and make more friends. Maybe set it up like a "Secret Santa" swap, where you know who you are sending stuff to, but not who will be sending to you. If anyone is interested, please leave a comment, that way I have time to get everything set up. If I only get a few people who are interested, not really enough to do a swap, maybe we can just arrange a gift swap between us.

Happy Lammas!


Teyla said...

Happy Lammas to you and yours

True said...


Laughing at your neighbors! Don't worry, mine think I am past strange. They will get over it, eventually (I hope) and stop staring at the strange woman who just happened to move in next door LOL