Friday, January 05, 2007

Have Faith and She will provide

A number years back, I bought a small wooden box to keep my favorite deck of Tarot cards in. Inlaid on the lid was a brass Pentagram. After being recently separated from my former husband, and have difficult financial times, I had about $3 in my pocket. I picked up that box, took the $3 out of my pocket, closed my eyes and said, "I place this money in this box with the with the faith, Mother Goddess, that as long as it stays in this box, you will always provide for me. You will always see to it that I have the money I need for me and my children. So mote it be." I put the money in the box, set it down and walked away. Ever since that moment, She has seen to it that I have what I need. Even when my house was broken into in '03, and they took everything I had of value, that money remained inside of that box. They never touched it. A year after that, I placed another dollar in it, again with the same chant, and walked away. Once again, She has provided for me. Every year at this time, the company that I work for asks the employees to take a one week, voluntary, unpaid vacation to help cut costs in the slow months, and they give us 4 comp days to use later in the year, and they let us choose up to 5 pay checks to have the monies taken out of. I opted to do it again this year, and I always take the week between the girls' birthdays. But lately, money has been tight, after moving into a more expensive apartment. I was worried about how to make sure I still have gas and food money. Once again, She has provided for me. Remember my little car accident in October? Well, my shoulder was strained from the seat belt, and I had to go see the doctor. After the first visit, the doc gave me an exercise sheet to follow for it, and had me come back after 2 weeks. When I came back for the 2 week visit, she released me and sent me on. Then today, I got a call here at work. The person asked for me by my first and last name. That's unusual. Granted, I work customer service and take tons of calls all day, but no one ever asks for me by first and last, unless it's one of the girls' schools. Turns out that it was the other person's insurance company calling to settle my bodily injury claim for my shoulder. They asked to settle and offered me a small chunk of cash for my trouble. Being that it was only a sprain, I settled. Most of my worries have been laid to rest. So, have faith and She will provide.

Blessed Be!

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Laura said...

What a wonderful post. Thank you for reminding us. I believe it, but sometimes I forget.