Monday, January 01, 2007

Time got away from me again!

Boy! With the death of Grandma Peachie and the holidays, time just slipped away. I completely forgot to blog about the Soltice and Chanukah. I even forgot to take pics. Fore shame on me! What made me realize that I totally missed blogging was the fact that I picked up my Sabbat Entertaining book to plan Imbolc. I did have a lovely time, lighting the fire place, doing the planned ritual, lighting the candles and baking. Then came Christmas eve, and as I baked cookies, I burned myself. Which post-poned knitting and gift wrapping. But, all in all, it was a lovely holiday season.

Now with the New Year, let's see if I can get myself back on a schedule. But, I'll elaborate on that later when I have time. Right now, I'm off to read the ok parts of MJD's Undead and Unappreciated to Katie.


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