Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Time flies quicker than a witch on a besom!

Boy, that month got by me! Where did it go? I have missed blogging about the full moon past, and Lammas. I did celebrate both, but forgot pics and posts. For my ritual dinner the menu was as follows:

Polska Kielbasa
Mashed potatoes
Corn on the cob (fresh from mom's garden)
Corn cake (which the girls love)

Nothing fancy, but very filling and yummy. I'll post the corn cake recipe to my recipe page at a later date, as it's just about time to leave work and head out into the blazing heat. By the Goddess, I hope fall gets here real soon.

Till later, Blessed Be!

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BBC said...

Hon, you have too many blogs to decide which one to visit. Everyone is so busy. Just saying. Hugs.