Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Happy Imbolc!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Imbolc. I had a realitively nice one. There was no baking this time around, as I was busy cleaning house, and busy playing Mom's Taxi. The youngest was at my mom's, and the teen with the attitude was at softball conditioning. I did light my candles when I go home, and took a moment of peace and quiet as I could find it. And trust me, in my house, that's a great feat unto itself. I think I will be baking this Saturday, as we are supposed to get hit with a winter storm come Friday and Saturday. Maybe baking will help remind spring that it needs to hurry up, even though that groundhog saw his shadow. Maybe some nice baked goods will help convince it to show up early anyway.

Well, until it's time to start my seedlings for the gardens, I must say ado!


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