Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Samhain!

Merry meet! I hope this holiday finds everyone well. We have seen a lot changes around the "kitchen". There has been tons of sewing for all the costume events, and for our recent hand-fasting. We had a perfect October day for a beautiful ritual. I dare say that my non-pagan family members did not expect such a ceremony. However, it was truly beautiful and everyone thought so, regardless of religious affiliation.

And, on a sad note, a few months ago my beloved black cat passed. Moonie was a loving cat, to me, and she has been very missed. She was getting on in years, as she was going on 10 years old. She was an indoor cat, however she expressed a wish to sit on the deck in her last few weeks of life. She didn't show any signs of anything being wrong until the final day or two, and then it was too late. My poor kitty! May she find the Summer Land warm, sunny and full of fluffy pillows just for her.
Anck Su Namun (aka - Moonie)
March 2001 to July 2010

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Angelwitch said...

It's so sad when we lose a pet. I am on my third cat and for the first time I have a male cat. They are so, so precious to us