Saturday, May 09, 2015

A bit of house keeping

Wow! It's dusty in here. I can't believe I have left this poor blog sitting on the shelf for so long. Especially since the youngest daughter and I have found a local pagan shop that holds fellowship twice a month, and we have been going for the past year. So, I guess there is a bit of catching up to do. So, where to begin? Ah, yes. In my last post, I talked about my new familiar, Ceri. Unfortunately, my little Ceri passed away from Feline Leukemia in October of 2013. We were unaware that she had had it since birth. We were devastated to lose her. May the Goddess watch over her.

Cerridwen Dwendolyn
May 31, 2012 - October 9, 2013

Because I was so heart broken, my husband decided that I needed a new familiar to help me get over losing Ceri so soon. He was set on the fact that I needed a black cat, and nothing else would do. We also agreed that no matter what, we would make sure she was healthy, and she would not die of the Feline Leukemia that took little Ceri. So, we took a couple of weeks to search the local cat shelters to find a new family member. We did find a beautiful little female. Her name was Jelly. We brought her home on December 31, 2013 and I named her Jellybean. We made sure she was well taken care of, and had our vet check her over to make sure. She was my loving baby. If you wanted to find her, all you had to do was look for me. She was with me every minute I was home, forever in my lap, especially when I was knitting. So, it was especially hard when she got sick in June of 2014. We took her to the vet and found that she had FIP, which is always fatal. This devastated me beyond words. May the Goddess hold her close.

April 1, 2013 - June 7, 2014

After Jellybean, I made the decision that I would not take another familiar for a very long time. I was holding that very well, until a couple of months ago, when I got a text message from my best friend. Even then, I tried to hold my ground. See, it seems she had taken in a pregnant stray cat to keep her from having her babies in the extreme freezing weather. I would've held to my decision if there hadn't been a tiny black kitten among the three little ones born the morning of March 8th, and well my best friend knew it. I even told her no for the first day. By the second day, my convictions were faltering. I talked it over with my husband, and he told me no, as he didn't want to see me hurt again so soon. But, I broke down his walls, granted it took me a couple of days. I agreed to take the little one, but only after she, her siblings and her mama were checked over by the vet, and all were given a clean bill of health. I even said I would pay the vet bill. So, here we are, nine weeks and two vet visits later. 

Meet Onyx Moon, Onnie for short. Since my best friend loves me so much, she has agreed to keep her until all of her vet visits are taken care of, and she has had all of her shots, just in case. And, in case you are wondering, my nephew picked out the name Onyx, as he named her sister Ruby, and her brother Emerald. He's only six, and a big Mine Craft fan. lol. However, this little kitty reminds me so much of my beloved Anck Su Namun (Moonie for short). Her fur (length and coloring) are so much like Moonie's was, and she even has her disposition, so far. My husband is hoping her attitude will change, as Moonie was very mean to everyone but me. lol. She reminds me so much of Moonie, that both me and my BFF slipped and called her by that name today. lol. Little Onnie will be able to come home to us in a couple of months. Until then, I spend time over at my BFF's house every Saturday.

In the rest of my world, not much else is going on. The previously mentioned "teenager with an attitude" has since become "full time college student with 2 part time jobs", and has moved out on her own. The youngest has taken up the post of "teenager with an attitude". She is too much like her mama, and it just depends on my mood as to whether she gets in trouble, or gets a high five. lol. As I said above, the youngest and I have been attending fellowship twice a month for the past year, and open circle when they host one. I figured it would be good for the youngest, as she decided to follow the pagan path when she turned 13, and I thought the topics discussed and the classed held would help her to better understand her choice. And, I thought I could also benefit from it, as I am a self taught, solitary practitioner of about 25 years. A little extra knowledge, and some extra company have never hurt anyone. Other than that, everything else is pretty much just every day life. So, until next time..... Merry Meet! And hope to see you again soon.

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