Saturday, January 05, 2013

Keeping the faith alive

It was six years ago come tomorrow, that I wrote the post "Have Faith and She will provide". The Goddess has provided very well for us. However, this year, we ran into a bit of trouble. After over a year of my husband working a decent job for non-profit company for a less than decent wage, they lost the majority of the grant money. Due to this, his entire department was let go. Now, this wasn't the first time my husband had been laid off, and just like the other times, we knew we would deal with it. But, after nearly seven months, things were starting to get a little desperate. He finally got a call for an interview at a Big Box warehouse very near to home. When I heard this, I decided it was time to add to my box. When I opened my box, as I have done before, I found it empty this time. I couldn't believe my eyes. Where had the money gone? Since the box was covered in a healthy amount of dust (I'm a little more than ashamed to admit this), it's obvious that the box hadn't been disturbed in some time, so I was very upset and very disappointed that it was gone. I realized that maybe this was why we were having a bit of a bad time, and decided that it was time to turn it all around. I immediately added the dollar I had in my hand, whispered my chant, closed the box back up and placed it back on the shelf. The next day, my husband informed me the next day that he had a call back. As soon as he told this, I told him about what happened with my box. A bit later, I asked him if had a dollar to go in the box. He rounded up one, and in the box it went. The next day, we got news that he had the job! We have been in much better shape since, but we are still catching up. Again, I am thankful for all the blessings bestowed on our family, and pray to the Goddess for the continued good fortune. And, with the eldest daughter finishing up senior year of high school, and preparing for her freshman year at her college of choice (a non-too-cheap liberal arts college), we're going to need all the blessings we can get. ;)

Oh! And after a couple of years of being without a familiar, I decided it was time to hand pick one to raise from a kitten. Please meet my new baby:

This is Cerridwen, Ceri for short. She was born May 30th, and is a mischievous tortoise shell kitten, with caramel colored eyes. She has been an endless source of entertainment for us, and an endless source of frustration for the elder cat in house, Vinny. lol. But, he deals with her as best as he can. So, here is to hoping that I can try to keep up with this blog more often.

Blessed Be!

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