Sunday, August 02, 2015

Happy belated Lughnasadh

I didn't get a chance to post it yesterday, but Happy Lughnasadh! Yesterday was spent in the age old tradition of turning harvested grain into a harvest feast. After the Kitchen Witchery class on Tuesday, we cooked up the idea (ha ha! Pun totally intended) to have a Lughnasadh celebration. Mrs. L offered to have it at her house, and we used one of my model menu plans and expanded from there. Here is what was served:

Sweet Corn Chowder
Cornish Pasties
Chicken Salad
Orange and Avocado salad
Braided Egg Bread
Full Moon Cornbread
Bread and rice pudding with Blackberry-Honey with bourbon
Vegan chocolate cake with salted caramel icing
French silk pie

We made it a potluck, and the invite was put out on facebook. We did a circle in the back yard, and then headed in for dinner, once we were finished. Everyone arrived by 7, and we wrapped up around 10. We had a great time, and a good turn out for such short notice. Besides the good food, there was lots of good talk. It has been years since I have been part of a good Sabbat celebration, and I am so blessed to be included in this one. I hope there will be many more. My only regret was that my phone was really low on battery, and I didn't get any photos. :(

For my portion of the meal, I made the Cornish Pasties (or as we having been calling them, Cornish Pixies), Bread Egg Bread which was used on the alter, Full Moon Cornbread, and the Bread and Rice pudding and sauce. I started baking at 9 am, and finally shut the oven off around 5:30. It's been forever since I have spent an entire day baking, and it felt good, I started to feel like my old self. So, all in all, it was a great day all round.

So, until next time...... Blessed Be!

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