Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Feeling Yuck!

I have noticed that for the past several days that I have been feeling just.... yuck! I feel like I have eaten too much, when I haven't eaten at all. But I eat anyway, and nothing that has really been too good for me. Today it was Mc D's, and yesterday Chipotle's. The Mc D's was just too greasy and salty. And the Chipotle's, well, that was just way too much, as for some reason when I eat it, it turns off the switch to my brain that let's me know that I am full, then it settles like a rock about 15 minutes later, and I'm miserable for the next 4 hours. I haven't been exercising. I need to give myself a good facial. And I'm in bad need of some cleansing and meditation. Not to mention that I have just been in a very evil mood today. On the way to work with Miss Amy, I offered to get out at a light and teach the lady in front of us how to drive. Well..... It looked like she needed a lesson, as she couldn't keep her mini van on the freeway. Then, here at work, I overheard Mr. C telling a story that involved the words, "and I was drunk," and I really had to bite my tongue and shut the door to the dock before I blurted, "When aren't you drunk?" (ok, a little back history - I dated Mr. C for about a year and a half, we broke up almost a year and a hald ago, and yes, I know it's never a good idea to date someone you work with.) But, I think my level of evilness stems from the problems I had last night with the makers of the wireless router I bought. I don't want to open that can of worms again, bit let me say that it was the worst customer service I have ever had, ever!

And so, on that note, I did pamper myself today. I ran out of my favorite lip balm, so we went to Bath & Body at lunch so I could get a new one. And I found a sample pack of body butters that I couldn't pass up. There was Brazil Nut, Pumkin, Lychee, Black Currant and Aloe. They are at least a good couple of ounces each, and the pack was $24.00, a really good deal, as they are half of the full size jars that are $12.00 each. And when we got back from lunch, I went on to Amazon.com and bought a book that I could find at Barnes & Noble during lunch. I got Sabbat Entertaining by Willow Polson. Then I noticed that if I had purchases totaling $25.00, then I could get free shipping. Well, I love free shipping, so I also bought the 2006 Witches' Datebook (as I still hadn't got one - I know, kinda late in the year) and Cakes and Ale For The Pagan Soul by Patricia Telesco.

I was going to go to the grocery store tonight, but I think I'll meditate instead, if I can get all the kids to play outside. And I think I'll try a ritual sun up to sun down fasting to let this general yuckiness run it's course. I mean I really feel horrid. So, any good thoughts and energy would be very helpful right now.

Have a Blessed evening!

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roccermom said...

I used to fast every friday, a tradition started when i was po' and crashing at a warehouse in oakland. my roomie worked for Odwala and she always brought home juice on it's last day. So friday was juice day, no food. It felt great! I try to repeat it on wednesdays now, that just seems like the thing to do. Odin did, and i'm a sucker for viking dudes. Oh, and DOOM was fun fun fun! but a terrible movie, but so fun, y'know?
i laffed my butt sideways. It helps to be a fan of the game.