Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Signs of Spring

Last week, Annie and planted starter seeds. She asked me everyday when the flowers were going to grow, in true 5 year old fashion. Last Friday, Miss Amy called me when I was on my way home and told me that our seeds had sprouted in their little greenhouse, so I could show Annie when we got home. And here is what we saw:

And last night, I found the first dandelion of the season:

And here is my favorite plum tree:

You can just barely see that it is sprouting leaves. This tree is at my mom's, and it is my favorite plum tree because it produces such nice Japanese Table Plums, that my mom turns into such great home made wine. I have the very last bottle from her 2004 batch, and I'm hording it! It's that good! So, maybe the Goddess will bless us with another good crop this year, as last year was the off season for it.

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roccermom said...

my plum tree is now covered in leaves, but i have no idea what kind it is. Can you tell by the leaves? This is my first year with this tree. The plum tree at my other house was sooooo tall, the birds got all the fruit!